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Jean-Baptiste DESPREZ.

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Mutuaide Assistance.

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The website offers you the possibility to subscribe online. Payment is made by credit card via a secure payment system.To subscribe and pay online you must:

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Data stored in Mutuaide Assistance’s information systems may be used as evidence in the event of a dispute regarding the subscription made.

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The website is subject to French law.

Various activities that can be carried out on this website are also governed by French law.

In case of dispute, the competent courts will be those with jurisdiction over the head office of Mutuaide Assistance

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The same is applies to the databases featured on the website.

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Finally, the user is solely responsibility for taking all appropriate precautions to protect their private data and / or software from contamination with possible viruses circulating via the Mutuaide website and / or information.Internet users are solely responsible for equipping themselves appropriately to access and use the services offered, particularly in terms of information technology, telecommunications and security, and for maintaining that equipment.The user acknowledges having read this manual and agreed to its terms and conditions.

Access to the website and its features :

The website is a presentation and commercial website intended to provide information on Mutuaide Assistance, issue quotes online and manage online subscriptions to assistance products.

The website also allows you to pay your subscription online with your credit card.

The website operates 24/7 except for cases of force majeure, technical failures of computer and / or telecommunication equipment and / or maintenance periods.

Mutuaide Assistance makes every effort to:

  • provide users with information, tools and services that are available and verified;
  • ensure accuracy and updating of information, notably financial, published on this website, which it reserves the right to modify and rectify at any time and without notice.

Mutuaide Assistance declines all responsibility for:

  • imprecision, inaccuracy, error or omission concerning information available on the website;
  • unavailability of information;
  • all damage, direct and / or indirect, resulting from website access performed by any person whatsoever, or from impossibility to access it, disregarding the causes, origins, nature or consequences of such damage,
  • potential presence of viruses on the website;
  • decisions based on information contained on the website and use that may be made of that information by third parties.
Claims Information
We are committed to accompanying you on a daily basis and bringing you a quality service. Please do not hesitate to inform us of your dissatisfaction, and if you wish to make a complaint, please contact us by email :

or by post :
Mutuaide Assistance – Service Qualité Clients
8/14 avenue des Frères Lumière
94360 Bry -sur- Marne

Mutuaide Assistance shall acknowledge receipt of your claim within a maximum of 10 days of receipt and process it within two months.

As a last resort, you can contact a Mediator by post, without prejudice to your right to take legal action.

You can reach the Mediator either by mail at the following address : La Médiation de l’Assurance TSA 50110 75441 Paris Cedex 09, soit par internet sur

General policy for protection of personal data

La présente politique témoigne des engagements mis en œuvre dans le cadre des activités quotidiennes pour une utilisation responsable des données personnelles. 


Le respect des libertés et droits fondamentaux, et notamment de la vie privée et de la protection des données à caractère personnel constituent des valeurs auxquelles s’attachent particulièrement les entreprises du Groupe Groupama. Ces valeurs se traduisent dans nos activités quotidiennes, notamment par la mise en œuvre de Politiques de protection des données personnelles pour une utilisation responsable des données conforme au Règlement Général sur la Protection des Données (RGPD).


Un Délégué à la Protection des Données (DPO)


Afin de préserver la vie privée et la protection des données à caractère personnel de tous, le groupe Groupama a désigné depuis 2007 un Correspondant Informatique et Libertés (CIL). Aujourd’hui appelé « Délégué à la Protection des Données » ou « Data Protection Officer » (DPO), le DPO exerce ses missions en toute indépendance et pour l’ensemble des entreprises françaises du Groupe.

Le DPO est un gage de confiance. Interlocuteur spécialisé dans la protection des données personnelles, chargé de veiller à la bonne application des règles de protection des données, interlocuteur privilégié de la Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) et de toutes personnes concernées par une collecte ou un traitement de données à caractère personnel.

Principes applicables à la protection des données personnelles


Les entreprises du groupe Groupama traitent les données personnelles dans le respect des lois et réglementations en vigueur, et notamment du Règlement Général sur la Protection des Données (RGPD), de la loi Informatique et Libertés du 6 janvier 1978 modifiée et des référentiels édictés par la CNIL. 

Des Politiques de Gouvernance des Données Personnelles sont mises en œuvre dans les entreprises et le respect de leurs dispositions est contrôlé. 


  1.  Finalité déterminée, explicite et légitime du traitement :
    Les données personnelles sont collectées pour des objectifs précis (finalités), portés à la connaissance des personnes concernées. Ces données ne peuvent être utilisées ultérieurement de manière incompatible avec ces finalités.
    Ces données sont collectées loyalement ; aucune collecte n’est effectuée à l’insu des personnes et sans qu’elles en soient informées.


    2.  Proportion et pertinence des données collectées :
    Les données personnelles collectées sont strictement nécessaires à l’objectif poursuivi par la collecte. Les entreprises du Groupe Groupama s’attachent à minimiser les données collectées, à les tenir exactes et à jour en facilitant les droits des personnes concernées. 

  2.  Durée de conservation limitée des données à caractère personnel :
    Les données à caractère personnel sont conservées pendant une durée limitée qui n’excède pas la durée nécessaire aux finalités de collecte.
    Les délais de conservation des données sont portés à la connaissance des personnes, et varient selon la nature des données, la finalité des traitements, ou les exigences légales ou réglementaires.
  3.  Confidentialité / Sécurité des données :  
    Des Politiques de Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (PSSI) sont mises en œuvre, adaptées à la nature des données traitées et aux activités de l’entreprise.
    Des mesures de sécurité physiques, logiques et organisationnelles appropriées sont prévues pour garantir la confidentialité des données, et notamment éviter tout accès non autorisé.
    Les entreprises du Groupe Groupama exigent également de tout sous-traitant qu’il présente des garanties appropriées pour assurer la sécurité et la confidentialité des données personnelles.
    Des données à caractère personnel peuvent faire l’objet de transferts vers des pays situés dans l’Union Européenne ou hors de l’Union Européenne. Si tel est le cas, les personnes concernées en sont précisément informées, et des mesures spécifiques sont prises pour encadrer ces transferts. 
  4.  Droits des personnes :
    Tous les moyens nécessaires à garantir l’effectivité des droits des personnes sur leurs données personnelles sont mis en œuvre : 
  • Une information claire et complète sur les traitements de données mis en œuvre, facilement accessible et compréhensible par tous.
  • Un accès facilité aux données : Toute personne dispose de droits sur les données la concernant, qu’elle peut exercer à tout moment et gratuitement. 

Ainsi, les personnes peuvent accéder à toutes leurs données personnelles, et dans certains cas les faire rectifier (données inexactes, incomplètes), supprimer, ou demander à en limiter temporairement l’utilisation. Les personnes disposent également d’un droit à la portabilité s’agissant des données qu’elles ont personnellement fournies et dès lors que ces données ont été fournies sur la base du consentement explicite de la personne ou de l’exécution d’un contrat.

Ces droits sont facilités en ligne ou possibles par tout autre moyen selon les modalités portées à la connaissance des personnes. Ces demandes peuvent également être adressées au DPO. 

Suivi de la Politique de Protection des Données Personnelles


Cette politique, accessible à tous sur les sites internet des entreprises du Groupe Groupama, est actualisée régulièrement pour prendre en compte les évolutions législatives et réglementaires, et tout changement dans l’organisation du Groupe Groupama ou dans les offres, produits et services proposés. 
La présente Politique Générale de Protection des Données Personnelles est complétée :

  • D’une information détaillée sur les finalités de traitements de données mis en œuvre, les destinataires des données, leurs durées de conservation, et les modalités d’exercice pratique des droits des personnes ; Pour en savoir plus :
  • D’une notice cookies ; 
  • Et s’il y a lieu, de recommandations générales sur les règles de sécurité concernant les utilisateurs/clients, notamment concernant les identifiants et mots de passe.


Politique de Protection des Données Personnelles validée le 23 mars 2017 par le DPO mutualisé (actualisée Mai 2018).



Le DPO France


Pour contacter le DPO France : écrire à Groupama Assurances Mutuelles – Data Protection Officer – 8-10, rue d’Astorg, 75383 Paris ou par mail à

Data Processing - Privacy
You are currently connected to the website accessible at During your browsing of this website, your personal data may be collected.

These are treated in compliance with the amended French Data Protection Act (Loi Informatique et Libertés) of 6 January 1978. They are necessary to access various features of the website (personal account management, contact forms, quote requests, online subscription, newsletter subscription, messaging… see details below), account and forum moderation, to manage navigation and to draw up statistics, and, where applicable, ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Data featured in various online forms, which are marked with an asterisk (*), are required for proper management of your requests. Otherwise, these requests will not be processed, or their processing may be delayed.

This information is intended for your Insurer’s internal services (and its partners or subcontractors if applicable) in charge of management of your requests (subscription, newsletter subscription, contacts, information) or moderation of discussion services featured on the website (forum, messaging) No personal information is collected without your knowledge or used for unforeseen purposes. No information is assigned or passed on to third parties without your knowledge and without your consent, except where required by law or regulation.

You have the right to access, rectify, delete or oppose any data concerning yourself collected through this website (forms, discussion services) by clicking on the link “contact Informatique et Libertés” or by sending a letter to Mutuaide Assistance.

This website allows you to have access to general information concerning protection of personal data in connection with contracting, management and execution of insurance agreements (1) and also offers you certain features and services, such as the possibility to obtain quotes or take out insurance products online (see details of website features below in 2).

For each of the following purposes, the personal data are retained until expiry of corresponding commercial or contractual relationships, and until expiry of statutory limitation periods.

Protection of personal data in connection with contracting, management and execution of insurance agreements

Personal data concerning yourself (or concerning persons who are parties or stakeholders of the contract) are processed by the Insurer in compliance with the amended French law on Informatics and Liberties of January 6th, 1978 and with regulations enacted by the CNIL. Their processing is necessary for contracting, management and execution of your insurance agreement and your guarantees, essential for management of our commercial and contractual relations, fraud risk management or execution of legal, regulatory or administrative provisions, depending on the purposes detailed below.

  1. Your Rights

You have the right to access, rectify, delete and oppose the processed data by contacting your Insurer by post (see address in your contractual documents) or on our website internet, provided you prove your identity.

With regard to your health data, these rights are exercised by writing to the Insurer’s Medical Adviser (see postal address in your contractual documents).

  1. Contracting, management and execution of insurance agreements and commercial management of customers and leads:

Data concerning yourself (or concerning persons who are parties or stakeholders of the contract) are needed to manage corresponding commercial and contractual relationships.

This information is intended, within the limit of their responsibilities, for the services of the Insurer in charge of commercial management or execution of contracting, management and execution of contracts of each one of your guarantees, for their representatives, intermediaries, partners, agents, and subcontractors, as part of their tasks. They may also be forwarded, if applicable, to insurers of persons involved or offering additional services, to co-insurers, reinsurers, professional bodies and guarantee funds, as well as to all persons involved in the contract, such as lawyers, experts, legal assistants and ministerial officers, curators, tutors, investigators, health professionals, medical officers and authorized personnel, social organizations when they are involved in settlement of claims and benefits or when the Insurer offers guarantees complementary to those of social insurance schemes. Information concerning yourself may also be passed on to any person involved in the contract (subscribers, insured persons, members and beneficiaries of the contract, and their assignees and representatives, to beneficiaries of an assignment or subrogation of rights pertaining to the contract; where applicable, to responsible persons, to victims and their agents, to witnesses and third parties interested in the performance of the contract), as well as to all persons empowered to act as Authorized Representatives (courts, arbitrators, mediators, relevant ministries, regulatory and supervisory authorities and all public bodies authorized to receive them, as well as services in charge of control such as external and internal auditors and internal control departments)

  1. Anti-insurance fraud measures:

It is brought to your attention that the Insurer implements an anti-insurance fraud scheme which may notably lead to listing of certain individuals as presenting a risk of fraud. Such listing may result in file processing delays or even in limitation or refusal of a right, a service or a contract offered by Mutuaide Assistance. In this context, personal data concerning yourself (or concerning the parties or interested parties to the contract) may be processed by any authorized person working for Mutuaide Asistance as part of the anti-fraud scheme. This data may also be sent to authorized staff of bodies directly affected by fraud (other insurance bodies or intermediaries, social or professional bodies, judicial authorities, mediators, arbitrators, legal assistants, ministerial officials, third party bodies authorized by a legal provision and, where appropriate, victims of fraud or their representatives).

  1. Measures against money laundering and financing of terrorism:

In order to fulfill its legal obligations, the Insurer implements surveillance practices aimed at combating money laundering and financing of terrorism as well as at application of financial sanctions.

  1. Telephone records:

As part of our relationship, you may need to call us. We inform you that these phone calls can be recorded to ensure proper performance of our services and more generally to improve service quality. These records are exclusively intended to be used by the services in charge of your call. If you have been recorded and wish to listen to the recording of your conversation, you can make a request as described above (see § “your rights”).

  1. Collection and processing of health data:

You expressly agree to collection and processing of data concerning your health which is necessary for management of your contract and guarantees. These data are processed in accordance with medical confidentiality rules. They are exclusively intended for Insurer’s Medical Advisers in charge of your warranties, its medical service, or specifically authorized internal or external persons (in particular our delegates or medical experts). This information may also be used for the purposes of fraud prevention by authorized persons.

By using a Vitale card, you authorize healthcare professionals to send the Insurer an information statement allowing for execution of services provided under your contract. You also authorize exchange of information with your compulsory health insurance organization for the sole purpose of processing benefit claims.

  1. Data transfers outside the European Union:

Personal data concerning yourself (or concerning contract parties or stakeholders) may be transferred to countries outside the European Union, which you are hereby informed of and expressly authorize.

These transfers are carried out for the purpose of execution of contracts and our contractual relations, in order to meet legal or regulatory obligations, for the purpose of coordination of actions or litigations notably allowing the Insurer to establish, exercise or defend their rights in court, or for the purpose of defense of those concerned (according to exceptions referred to in Article 69 of the French Data Protection Act (Loi Informatique et Libertés)). These transfers are carried out in accordance with the legal requirements, relevant directives of the European Commission and the CNIL, and may, where appropriate, be subject to specific legal frameworks by the Insurer (or other Groupama Group entities) to guarantee a sufficient level of personal data protection.

This information (strictly limited), is intended only for recipients likely to intervene within the scope of the purposes provided for in these general conditions and described above.

  1. Implementation of assistance guarantees:

Implementation of the assistance guarantees provided under the contract may require processing of personal data, including health data, by Mutuaide Assistance.

This information is exclusively intended for the persons in charge of management of your guarantees and your health data for the Assistant company’s doctors, authorized managers, and other authorized persons (emergency doctors, paramedics, local doctors).

Some data, strictly necessary for implementation of assistance services, may be transferred outside the European Union in the best interest of the person concerned or for the purpose of safety of life.

You expressly agree to recollection and processing of health data in this context.

You have the right to request Mutuaide Assistance to access, rectify, delete and oppose any information concerning yourself, or send a similar request regarding your medical data to your Medical Advisor. (Request by post, accompanied by a photocopy of your ID, to the Mutuaide Assistance address specified in your contractual documents or on the website

All telephone calls made in the context of implementation assistance guarantees will be systematically recorded by Mutuaide Assistance’s helpdesks in order to ensure perfect execution of appropriate services. Access to these recordings can be obtained directly from Mutuaide Assistance within the limits of the retention period of these recordings

  1. Studies and Statistics:

Personal data concerning yourself (or concerning contract parties or stakeholders) are also likely to be used and exploited by the Insurer for statistical or study purposes, in particular with a view to diversifying our product and service offerings, personalizing our relationships, better knowing the market, competition or innovations.

These data may be associated with, combined with or include your personal data (or data concerning contract parties or stakeholders) collected automatically or communicated by yourself during your browsing of our website, use of certain features of the website or of our mobile application (as defined in our policies “General Policy for Protection of Personal Data”, “Processing of Personal Data: Privacy” and “Cookies” available on our website or provided for in the Terms and Conditions of Use of the website or our mobile application).

They can also be combined with statistical or aggregated data from different internal or external sources.

All personal data are processed in compliance with applicable regulations, including those relating to privacy and protection of personal data.

  1. Other means:

Other specific means may also be implemented for execution of certain contracts (e.g. geolocation devices, use of mobile applications).

Refer to the contractual documents or general conditions of use of these applications for complete information on processing implemented, its purposes and exercise of individual rights.

Website Features

This website provides commercial information about our products and services, online simulations and quotes and allows to subscribe insurance and banking products securely online, to access your personal account and various services detailed below.

  1. Simulations, quotes and online subscription:

This website allows you to obtain simulations and quotes online, and to subscribe insurance contracts or services securely online. Personal data concerning yourself (or concerning contract parties or stakeholders) are necessary for development of simulations or quotes as well as conclusion and management of insurance, banking and service offers subscribed online.

Regarding the insurance offer, personal data are processed in compliance with the conditions provided for in Paragraph 1 above ” Protection of personal data in connection with contracting, management and execution of insurance agreements” and / or with provisions laid down in the various contractual documents issued by the insurer.

Regarding the banking offer, your data are processed in compliance with the provisions of information documents or contractual documents communicated by Orange Bank.

This website also allows you to pay your insurance contributions online with your credit card. We remind you that our transactions are carried out in an SSL secured environment (Paybox).

  1. Security:

Mutuaide cautions Users of the website and its Clients regarding a new type of financial fraud known as “phishing” and carried out via email. This involves partially or fully plagiarizing a website (for example that of a known bank or insurer) and requesting personal or confidential information. In many cases such requests are made to purportedly update security features or databases.

  1. Do not reply to such emails
  2. Do not click on any links in such emails
  3. Delete all such emails.

We would also like to remind you that your access codes are strictly confidential. As a precaution, avoid giving your secret login codes to other persons.

Please note that Mutuaide will never ask you for such information, neither by email, nor by phone or by post.

If you happen to receive a message asking you to do so, please forward it to us immediately.

Exchanges between your computer and your online Customer account are encrypted to prevent third parties from intercepting confidential data circulating on the Internet. This encryption is characterized by an address beginning with “https” and a small closed padlock indicating that you are on a secure page.

This notice is dedicated to our Privacy Policy regarding cookies. It is intended to inform you about origins and use of browsing information processed during your visits to and about your rights. This Policy is therefore equally important for you, as you wish to have a positive and trustful experience of our services and for us, as we would like to provide accurate and comprehensive answers to all your questions regarding your visiting and thus meet your expectations.

When you visit, data related to browsing activity on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) may be saved in “Cookies” files on your device, subject to your agreement, which you may edit at any time.

Information that we collect will be used by us internally and for our internal purposes. We do not sell or transfer your information to third parties.

Mutuaide will not disclose any of your information unless we have your consent or if it is required by law or regulation.

What are the cookies on your device used for?

When you connect to our website, we may, subject to your choice, install various cookies on your device thus allowing us to recognize the browser on your device during the validity of the cookie concerned.

Technical Cookies or Cookies exempted from informed consent

These cookies allow us:

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  • to adapt the content displayed on your device according to your department of residence priorly selected by yourself for the purpose of customizing your contractual and commercial relationship with Mutuaide.

We use JavaScript files:

The JavaScript files we use allow us to implement cookies. They are triggered as soon as you view a web page, or when a particular action is performed. These are technical components.

These are Google Analytics cookies

The cookies used with your consent, allow us:

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If you wish otherwise, you can refer to their privacy pages and follow the instructions provided. Please find in the table below the list of cookies used on our site and the corresponding settings :


In general, you can choose not to accept cookies by configuring the connection settings of your browser. Some features of the website could thus be affected.

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Information about cookie regulations:

Some cookies require your prior informed consent, including:

  • cookies related to targeted advertising;
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Your agreement has been providently obtained by your continuing to browse the website after having read the disclaimer

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